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Years ago, I planned a trip abroad. Administrative tasks not being my cup of tea, I was very late in my handling of the visa. Days before the departure, I realized I had to take care of it right away. I didn't have any time left!

All I had to do was to fill an online form and submit a copy of my ID card. I didn't have a scanner at home so I used one at work. It had a email feature, which I used to receive the output. I made sure I got the email and checked the attachment. It was a PDF, its quality was alright.

It was Friday evening. I left my office and its scanner to get back home, with the intent of completing the visa task during the weekend.

On Sunday, I finally began to fill the form. Obviously, the last field was for my ID card. Its caption caught my eye: "JPG only". Hum. Not exactly a PDF, then.

I looked for a solution. And it was all but easy. I found paid software, but I didn't want to pay for something I was expecting to use only once. The solution I used was free, but it was all but trivial. It took me an hour for something that ought to be feasible in seconds. Wow!

In the end, I got my visa and went for the trip.

Back home, I came up with the idea of Pdf2Jpg.net. I wanted to create the service I was looking for days before. It had to be online, so you don't have to install anything. It had to be free. Seriously, you cannot ask users for money for a single conversion... And it has to be easy to use, without registration.

Here it was: a tool to convert PDF to JPG easily, online for free.

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I'm Philippe, a computer scientist. I live close to Paris, France.